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released August 8, 2008

Drums - Heather Dunn
Guitar - Matt “Le Matt” Buscher
Lead Vocals - Ruby Valentine
Keys - Ira Coyne
Bass - Ian Ackerman

Strings on Place to Go, Fuckin’ A, Falling, and Take a Chance : Cello- Derek M. Johnson, Viola- Gabriel Will, Violin- Ian Ackerman
Backing Vocals on Take a Chance : shizunomargot

• Engineered and Mixed by Matt Buscher at Neanderhall, Olympia, WA • • Assistant Engineer - Gabriel Will •
• Mastered By Ed Brooks at RFI, Seattle, WA •



all rights reserved


Romanteek Olympia, Washington

From the Northwest earth of Olympia, a two-million year old artesian well flows and quenches the thirst of the modern people. Channeling this ancient water the timeless voice of Greta Jane pours through the sound of Romanteek, which varies from haunting psychedelic rock to playful sugar pop, with a steady current of deep sultry groove. ... more

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Track Name: Place to Go
PLACE TO GO // Anybody got a home, anybody got a place to go to - anybody got a hand to hold, when the nights are cold and lonely? // I know a place where, the days and the nights are sunny - I know that it might sound funny but they're hungry for something more // I know a place where, the cold and the rain keeps coming, the people they keep on running - they're hungry for something more / Don't you see it? do you want to be it? got to reach it - hungry for something more - once you eat it, then you got to feed it - got to be it - hungry for something more / Anybody gotta pay the bills, anybody gotta make the money, anybody gotta stay inside when the day is warm and sunny, anybody got a dream, anybody got someone you want to be, anybody got a voice inside that tells you when to run and hide / I know a place where, they call it the milk and honey - the streets they are paved with money but they're hungry for something more / I know a place where the sorrow it is compelling, the people they keep on yelling - we're hungry for something more / Anybody got a hungry heart, anybody got a mouth to feed, anybody got a fight to lose, anybody got a burning need to always know what's gonna happen next, to show them all that you can be the best - while you fight fight for success, can you see that your whole world's a mess? well - anybody gotta home? // CHORUS
Track Name: Falling
FALLING / Falling into a hole - tell me what good will holding do, what'll holding do? if I let it swallow me whole, will I find the key? time and time again - I see that it all deepens, yeah, it all depends - time and time again, I gotta wait and see // And in a way the falling could be a breeze, yes in a way the falling could be a breeze // Falling in and out of control - tell me what good will holding do, what'll holding do? fall until I'm feelin my feet on a solid ground - no more waiting for you - see if you follow through, will you follow through? no more waiting for you, no more waiting around // CHORUS // Everytime that I fall (x8) something tells me it's all I do, yeah, it's all I do // CHORUS // Everytime that I fall something tells me it's all I do, yeah, it's all I do - throw my back 'gainst the wall, I gotta change my scene - time and time again I'm totally over you, yeah, I'm over you - time and time again I'm falling back in // CHORUS
Track Name: All My Friends
ALL MY FRIENDS / All my friends say you're a dancer, and you might say I'm here to answer the call - I'm answering the call / I take my chance here on the dance floor, to find romance that's interesting and fall, I came to have a ball // Well you might see me and you might say love's a breeze, well in this moment, the dance floor, the night belongs to me / It's all I ask for - this moment right here on the dancefloor the night belongs to me // Step with mine, there's no tomorrow, we soak up all the time we borrow, not steal, I came to make a deal - I lay my cards here on the table, now you must say, where are you able to go - you gotta let me know / When we're dancing our souls are dancing and I'm set free - it's so entrancing, a night's romancing is all I need - it's all I ask for - to fall so sweetly / fall so sweetly baby - this moment will not be forgotten, though soon I will leave / I've got my girls here on the dancefloor that's all I need, it's all I ask for you see - don't get too close to me // CHORUS - yes in this moment right here on the dance floor baby - you see the night is BELONG to me // Take my hand, another number is sweeping out to take us under it's spell, I like it very well
Track Name: Stay So Long
STAY SO LONG / I got my words and yes of course I got my clothes, and I got friends I find them everywhere I go, some would say I got my own, it's true - and I do / I got a list of reasons why I screen your calls, and I work day and night yeah, I stay on the ball - I can do most anything I choose / Well there's a battlefield you keep behind the door, and I heard all those words a thousand times before - still somehow I let you in // Where do you go? and why do you stay so long? you stay so long again - I'm always mopping the floor - when you leave it's all the same, and now I'm locking the door because you're breaking my heart you're breaking my heart again // I'm not surprised and still I don't know what to do, I'm sick and tired of thinking I can make my heart more bullet proof - all I know is that I've no control of what you do and what you do hurts me / I got compassion but it only goes so far, and sometimes I got no idea where you are - you can't hear a word I say // CHORUS // And I know all the rules to all the games that you play and how I break 'em's become an art - it's a tragedy, I'm waiting for it to end and I have hated it from the start - I have fallen down, I spent my time on the floor, yes I have taken it all apart - And I learn to remember even though I defend her, any moment there goes my heart - there goes my heart / Why I do wonder how this spell that you're under's got you hooked and I can't get through, there's nothing I can do - There goes my heart
Track Name: Fuckin' A
FUCKIN A // Hey fuckin A, I'm going crazy do you know - do you know know how I feel? {x2} // Walls are closing in - things begin to spin, suddenly I'm in a terrible mood, a bad attitude has taken my life from light to dark, it seems all I do is dream of a way to get away, and all I can say is // CHORUS // On and on and I'm all alone and just talking to myself - what can I see? so much on my plate, so much in my way, all this extra weight, I want it to leave - It's all the same, it's all the same it seems - gotta get away, gotta find a way, find it and leave / Well I think I might be strung too tightly - all these little things they greatly complicate me - I wanna move more slowly, but time's at such a speed - a place to get away / know know do you know know how I feel // CHORUS
Track Name: Clock Is Ticking
CLOCK IS TICKIN / Because the clock clock clock clock is tickin no more sleepin those creeps are creepin in it's power they're seekin they wanna rule the world the boys and girls build their mansions and devour the pearls and all the starvin babies drive mercedes sometimes I feel like there is nothing can save me cause this is what I see if it was up to me I would change the prisons and make healthcare for free I want some satisfaction righteous action this smoke and mirrors well it's all a distraction we watch it on tv and what we see is change your life we've got everything you need, meanwhile, the bombs are droppin teeth are rottin they pickin cotton and they sweat in the shop and we buy it at the mall I make the call we gotta pay attention with the money we're spending because we DON'T WANT NO WAR - NO NO NO YOU KNOW WE DON'T WANT NO MORE - WE WONDER - WHAT ARE WE FIGHTING FOR? WE DON'T WANT NO WAR, NO NO NO NO MORE
Track Name: Wa Oooh
WA OOOH / Wa oooh / Walkin away, I feel so far from you - sometimes I'm floating in space, sometimes I'm falling on love - You're so far from my face, yet so strong in my phone - can these words take the place of my body feeling you when we're alone, oh, Wa oooh / It's late in the day, and tired I'm falling - how many words can I say? and still the message is tangled - Fuck walkin away, fuck workin it out, I need a break - fuck fighting fear of falling on my face, hey - Wa oooh / Sometimes you just can't work it out, you can try but you can't figure it out and there ain't no words to talk it out - can't walk it out, can't work it out, gotta wait it out, just wait it out and say Wa oooh // I know I know in time it'll work itself out, I know I know I guess all I can do is just wait it out // What you say freaks me out and then all these words, they fall out my mouth - if I walk away, will we fall apart? - this is where I let go / Wa oooh
Track Name: Baby Don't You Know
BABY DON'T YOU KNOW // Baby don't you know that I love you so, and this love is always // When you listen to me, oh baby when you're kissin with me, oh when you call me baby, when you're holding my hand, oh baby when you understand now baby that I'm mixed up and there's something I'm afraid to say / All these fears they keep haunting me - could this all be a big mistake? All these fears they keep taunting me, if you go my heart's sure to break //CHORUS// Fear is like a cancer, when I call my true love answers, there's a chance that you will be here always - and I believe in those tomorrows, I will wage the sea of sorrows - there's a chance I take my heart may break, what can I say? / still these fears they keep haunting me, some things are so hard to say - all these fears, they keep taunting me, I'm so scared that you will go away / baby baby baby don't you know
Track Name: Take a Chance
TAKE A CHANCE / It was long ago, and it was far away when I was afraid to look you in the eye for too long - I knew you could really love me / You didn't look like my fantasy but now I see you, a work of art - you didn't look like a movie star but know you are my leading man - who understands my emotions, my emotions I share them with you / My heart, so big, yet so neglected, the way I protect it - I use my brain - avoid the pain of taking chances, broken romances, they're all the same, but you were my friend someone I trusted, secretly lusted / Oooh baby, what can I say? I really love you - oooh baby, what can I do but take a chance with you / Take a chance with you
Track Name: Yo Mama
YO MAMA // Your mama don't live here - I live here myself - If you look at me and see your mama, well I suggest you that look somewhere else // whoa-o0 / Learned it as a child, pile it on - never askin why, just smile along, I thought that if I tried - I tried so long - I could get it right, but right for who? for you no more - I'm the one keeping score / And it's going through my mind like every single time - wish I could hit the stop and then the rewind - I find myself reacting in the same old ways, it's not the kinda way I wanna spend my days - no more of these same old role plays // CHORUS // whoa-o0 / I cannot fill these expectations, I'm facin frustration - to prove myself to you, well there's too much complication - I start to come unglued, to the exit I'm racin, it's time for me to choose - and when I play that game I lose, I will not wear the shoes - of a perfect little lady who'll serve and perform, sacrifice myself, no I will not wear that unifiorm - I've tried it's too tight it, I do not like it so I've had it removed - I'm sick and tired of tryin to prove I can do what you do / Your mama don't live here - she has moved out - if you look at me and see your mama, well I suggest that you look somewhere else / whoa-o0 / I been blinded by projection, confused by my reflection - I'm searching for perfection, I'm tryin to find my way through all this blame / And I just gotta say that I know you weren't there at the start, but in this game you still play your part, let's take these rules and tear them apart, at the heart it's still the same - no more games / My mama don't live here - I live here myself, I gotta do and choose what I wanna - cause it's my life and no one else / whoa-o0